Advanced Technology

3D Cone Beam Scanner
The 3-D Cone Beam Scanner is a special type of x-ray machine that is used, only when medically necessary, to get three-dimensional images of your teeth, and also the bones and tissues surrounding them.

The Cone Beam scanning process is fast and painless. The scanner rotates once around your head to produce the 3-D images.

These 3-D images are a lot more useful than the traditional 2-D scans in that they can be moved around to view the teeth and bone structures from every angle giving greater detail and clarity. This allows for more accurate assessments, diagnoses, and plan treatments for patients. They can diagnose cysts, tumors and infections at an earlier stage. They are also useful in evaluating jaw joints and planning orthodontic treatments.

CEREC - Crown in a Day!
At Providence Dental Care we use the latest in advance technologies including CEREC! CEREC technology is revolutionary to dentistry because it creates a beautiful, esthetic, strong and durable ceramic restoration that is precisely bonded to the tooth. It is accomplished using a digital scan of the prepared tooth and creating the restoration’s design using powerful 3D software that allows the dentist to customize the result. The design is wirelessly transmitted to a special milling device that will create your restoration using a dental ceramic.

Because this is done in one visit you do not need to have a bulky, messy impression made of your tooth, you do not need to wear a temporary crown and you do not need to come back on a separate visit, often weeks away, to have your new crown placed. It is all done in one convenient visit that lasts a little over an hour. And with this technology you can have multiple teeth treated at once to save you time.

Infection Control
At Providence Dental Care we pay very strict attention to infection control in their facility and follow OSHA guidelines. The routine protocol for the operatories consists of spraying and wiping with an antibacterial solution of all surfaces that come in contact with the staff and a patient before each patient. Use of disposable barriers on all handles and points of frequent contact, which are changed between patients. Hand washing stations are equipped with hand sanitizers. Personal protection items worn by the staff is either disposable or changed every day.

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